Our Vision

Working Towards a Better Tomorrow

Our planet is living in a period of great instability due in part to the lack of reciprocity (also called “Ayni”) with our First Nation cultures. Once we grasped this reality our vision was born: to preserve, strengthen, and honor indigenous cultures - improving their quality of life. Through this, they will be better able to perpetuate their culture; preventing them from disappearing due to the development of modern society.


We strive to return strength and sustainability to our native tribes, giving them the respect that they deserve, and awareness of their great contributions to our planet. We aim to help them return to their roots, remembering their songs of power and their healing methods.

Despite poverty and lack of basic resources, they live with integrity, harmony, respect, equality, justice, and love. They care for every member of their community and live with sincerity and an admirable sense of humor. The decision making process takes place in a circle of equals, respecting all parts of the the community.


The indigenous tribes of South America are generating and expanding tremendous outpourings of love, light, and respect. Their way of life needs to be protected and appreciated, which can be achieved by ensuring tranquility through the provision of daily necessities, an excellent quality of life, suitable housing and living spaces, and land cultivated for sustainable farming practices and customs.


For this reason, and considering the conditions in which they now live, is why we are motivated to act. We see the importance of preserving the great human potential they have, and to learn their ways to connect with the natural world - which can be an example for all of humanity. In addition to resources, we want to help them with our prayers of abundance and expansion of their wisdom. This allows us to be more conscientious in our own lives. While increasing the collective conscience of modern society, we can together build an increasingly harmonious world; thereby aiding in the awakening of the human consciousness. We can help guide this consciousness onto a path of wellness that stems from a source of healing, love, ancient memory, and self-knowledge.


This is just a beginning of our deep gratefulness and reciprocity, or “Ayni.” We can return everything that they have taught us, and give honor to all the work they are doing in their prayers, consciousness, and spirit. They have given us the opportunity to learn another way of improving our understanding on the nature of life, health, joy, and family. This is also an opportunity to help them to protect the Amazonian jungle and preserve their ancient cultures which date back to the very roots of humanity.

Our Leaders

To create a better world, we are working constantly to improve and be the best version of ourselves. On our path of healing and awakening we received the support of indigenous people who guided us into continually achieving greater strength, awareness, and wellness. Just as they have shared with us and taught us many things, we also have had the opportunity to share with them and teach them things about our modern culture. Because of our experiences and relationships with these ancient cultures, we have committed to a mission that is dedicated to protecting and preserving these First Nation cultures.

Eduardo Henríquez

Executive Director

Founder South American representative.
Engineer in connectivity and networks.

Jaime Sebastian Mejias

Director and Public Relations

U.S.A. representative.
Martial Artist. CEO at Samurai Inti Martial Arts.

Carla Henríquez

Director, Secretary, and Treasurer


Paula Lobos

Director of Communications

Art director and graphic designer.